Apr 24, 2013

Guitar Chords of Chahu Main ya Naa - Aashiqui 2 [Intro, Tabs]

Song: Chahu Main Ya Naa
Movie: Ashiqui 2 [2013]
Artist: Palak Muchhal 


 E|-------------------------------1----------------------------| ]X3
------------------------------------------* * * *---------------------

U: stroke upward

{if you have any problem to play above given riff then watch this video}
{if there is any correction from your side, please let me know. I'll rectify it if it comes right}

Am C G D F G Am


tu[Am] hi ye mujh ko [G]bta de..
[F]chahuin mai ya naa.. [G]w/RIFF-1
apne[Am] tu dil ka [G]pta de..
[F]chahuin mai yaa naa..  [G]w/RIFF-1   ]x2

[Am]itna bta du tujh ko [G]chahat pe apni mujhko [F]yu to ni ikhti[E]yaar...
[Am]fir b socha yu dil ne [G]ab jo lga huin milne [F]puchu tujhe ek [E]baar...

tu[Am] hi ye mujh ko [G]bta de..
[F]chahuin mai ya naa.. [G]w/RIFF-1
apne[Am] tu dil ka [G]pta de..
[F]chahuin mai yaa naa..  [G]w/RIFF-1   

[Am]aisi kabhi [C]pehle hui [F] na thi [G] khawishein
[Am]kisi se b [C] milne ki na [F]ki thi [E]koshishein

uljhan [Am]meri suljha[G] de 
[F]chahuin mai yaa na.. [G]w/RIFF-1
aankhoin[Am] aankhoin mai [G]jata de 
[F]chahuin mai yaa naa... [G]w/RIFF-1

mere[Am] chotte [C]chotte khwaw hai
khwawo[C] mai [G]geet hai
geetoin main [F]jindagi hai
chaahat hai[E] preet hai
abhi [Am]mai na dekhu[C] baar baar
jinme na[G] tu mile
le khole[F] honth maine
ab tak the[E] jo sile..

[Am]mujhko na jitna mujh pe [G]utna iss dil ko tujh pe
[F]hone laga[E] aitbaar..
[Am]tanha lamho mai apne[G] bunti huin tere sapne..
[F]tujhse hua[E] pyaar..

puchungi[Am] tujhse kbhi[G] naa..
[F]chahuin mai ya naa... [G]w/RIFF-1
tere [Am]khawaoin mai ab [G] jeena...
[F]chahuin mai kyuin naaa..... [G]w/RIFF-1

s: slide
h: hammer on
*: palm mute


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    In the RIFF1

    Starting should be like 5h7 and not 6h7....

  2. Where is Strumming Pattern?

    1. i want the strumming pattern plzz and im a begginner so plz give suitabe n ezy strumming ptrn....
      :) :)

  3. sir,actually i'm new to the world of guitar, so can please help me,
    how to read the tabs???


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