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MTV Splits Villa- Theme Song(Agnee)

Band- Agnee
D: xx0232
Bm: 224432 / 799777
Em7: 022030 / 779787
F#m7: xx2222 / 99(11)9(10)9
Am: x02210
C: 032010
A: x02220

In the intro just pluck the chords from the thickest string to the thinnest string.

After plucking, strum the 2nd and 4th chords (Bm & F#m7 respectively) Use the barre version here.

The Intro goes like this: D – Bm – Em7 – F#m7

Rest of the mukhda is simply a strumming of the above 4 chords in that order (the simple open version will do).

For the antra part, the chord goes like this:

Am – D (3 times)

Cmaj – Gmaj – Amaj (once)

Back to normal D – Bm – Em7 – F#m7

That’s all there is to this song. Enjoy
MTV Splits Villa- Theme Song(Agnee) MTV Splits Villa- Theme Song(Agnee) Reviewed by Rahul Dhatwalia on 9:14 AM Rating: 5

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