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Banware - Pyaar ka Punchnama(Chords, Tabs and Solo)

Chords get modified again!

SONG: Banware
Album: Pyaar ka Punchnama
Singer: Clinton Cerejo

A* : x32210
B  : 224442
Dsus2 : x02230


[Riff - 1 (ac.)]
 E|------------------| ] till....Zindagiii...then switch over to [Riff - 2]

[Riff - 2 (dst.)]

[Riff - 3 (ac.)]

 E|------------------------------------------------------------------| ] play it over [Riff - 1]..
Kuch toh kehe rahi hai


[Riff - 4 (ac.)]
 D|---9-9-[Play 4 times]---7---[play it 4/5 times]---------|
 E|--------------------------------------------------------| ]strumm Em chord now simultaneously w/ Guitar 3

[Riff - 5 (dst.)] 

Guitar1 - Riff[1] again and Riff - 4 at Chorus
Guitar2 - Riff - 5 at Chorus
Guitar3 - Chords.

[Em]Kuch toh kehe rahi hai[A*]
[Em]Gumshum beh rahi hai[A*]
[Dsus2]Zindagi…i…ii….[D]....[Eb](optional chords are in gray)....[Bm]....[Dsus2].....[Em]
[Em]O Baanwre….[Am]sun to le..[D] }x2
[Em]O Baanwre…. [C]sun to le..[Dsus2] zara..[Em]
[C]Khwabon ka ye..[Em] ajab tana bana…[Dsu2]..[D]...

[Em]O Baanwre….[Am]sun to le..[D] }x2
[Em]O Baanwre…. [C]sun to le..[Dsus2] zara..[Em]

[SOLO - 1]

 e|---0-0-0(play it many times)---0-0-0-\-------0-0---------------0-0-----|
 E|------------------------------------/----------------------------------| ]listen out the song for second pattern
      |_play whole thing 2 times.

Solo will play by Guitar - 2 acoustic(strumming) and guitar - 3(Electric).

[E]Kab tak [Am]yun hi chala [A*]jayega
[E]Khud ko [Am]yun hi jala [A*]payega..]x2
[E]Kab tak [C]rahega [Am]gumshum [Dsus2]yun hi..
[Dsus2]Kab tak [C]kudi ko [Em]behalayega..
[Em]Kuch gun guna[C] koi nahin[Dsus2] sun to le zara…[B]..[Em]

[CHORUS AGAIN] > This time play clean electric instead of guitar - 2 acoustic.

[SOLO - 2]



[This solo need guitar eco effects. First listen out song carefully. Solo is 99.99% accurate]

[Am]Jo bas mein [C]tha.. [Dsus2]kar liya
[Am]Har raah chal [C]har dagar [Dsus2]liya

[Both guitar will play Em chord]

[Am]Jo bas mein [C]tha.. [Dsus2]kar liya
[Am]Har raah chal [C]har dagar [Dsus2]liya
[Dsus2]To pal tether[Em]
[Dsus2]To le zara[Em]
[Dsus2]Bahut rakh liya..[Em]
[Am]Bahut bhar liya[Em]
[Am]Yaadon ke [C]rakh se phool tu[Dsus2]
[Am]Chal to [C]le zara……………….

[Chorus Again]

For guitar 1- it'll also play electric guitar tabs, Newbie can't do this whole stuff.
For guitar 2- Simple Distortion. Man you haven't some great stuff to play but without you this song is incomplete. :)
For guitar 3- dude, you've got something to playing for. :)
For Solo - 2 you've to listen it carefully. cuz here we've Bending, eco and hammering all time.
If you're not comfortable with Solo-2 [or anything] and need more explanation then do let me know.
please put Comments and don't forget to join us on Facebook. "Vintage Rock[TabThief]"
Banware - Pyaar ka Punchnama(Chords, Tabs and Solo) Banware - Pyaar ka Punchnama(Chords, Tabs and Solo) Reviewed by Rahul Dhatwalia on 1:01 PM Rating: 5


  1. palash anandJune 07, 2011

    just wow! though i don't know who has tabbed this but it's awesome.hat's off !

  2. Thanks man for your preciouse comment.

  3. was just searching 4 the chords of dis song with no hope..but thank god Rock was ther..ur tabs r really gonna rocked every1...thanks for d chords n the tabs..u left me speechless

  4. Thank you roy for ur compliment. we'll be glad to find you on face book!

  5. AnonymousJune 16, 2011

    Gr8 work!!!

  6. can u plzz post the chords of koi aa rha pass h(pyaar ka punchnama) i hv seen the revisited version but i want 2 learn the other one......thnxx in advance.....:)

  7. The song "Koi aa raha paas hai" is on C D Family chords.
    Thanks for Commenting!

  8. Hey thanx alot man. U really rock i love dis song. Bt cn u plz tel me wot "A*" n ''Eb'' means. Actualy m a beginer. Plz do reply thanx in advance buddy:)

  9. @Fake world, thanks for commenting!
    both A* and Eb are chords and already given above(very first of this post). If you're beginner then i suggest you to not play Eb it is tough and you can mess up with.
    THANK YOU! \\m//

  10. Bt which chord is A*? Is it major or minor or sum other chord buddy? Thanx in advance man

  11. @FAKE WORLD, well it's a minor chord and actually made it from 'Am'. The root note of this chord is 'A'. It produced mixed sound of 'C' Chord and 'Am' Chord.
    Sorry for '*' (A*)...Cuz i'm week to put Chords name, that's why I've just put this star after chord. Hope it'll give you raw information.
    Thank you for commenting!
    You can also join our FACEBOOK page to interact with us directly and can put your queries there.
    Thanks AGAIN! \\m//

  12. fuckig good

  13. please tell the strumming pattern

  14. @ 1.
    Thank you!
    @ 2.
    the strumming pattern is simple up down and up down..


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