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This week Vintage Rock News

OK! Guyz here i get some news....i'm not going to take responsibility of these news, sorry! But you can believe in it cuz i collect it from others under ground music website...(well, lot of work)...anyway, here we goes;
A.R Rehman set up a new band called Super Heavy
A.R Rehman is among the four international great who have got together with superstar Mick Jagger to set up a new band called Super Heavy.
COURTESY - New York Post
DragonForce's Guitarist Hurman Li is coming to India
The Legend Guitarist is visiting in India most obviously Next Month. So they do have gig here? nop! they are coming to join Ibanez Guitar Clinic/Workshop.  They'll Welcome by Indian Band Undying Inc.
Sonu Nigam is Forming Band
Awww....India is getting more band and Nigam is among them. He's forming band with the name of NIRVAAN..Don't get confused with the Legend The Nirvana. This name is actually put after his Son's name. Nigam is forming his band with Gourav Dasgupta.
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