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Vintage Rock Lesson - How to write Lyrics?

I've seen so many guys around this world who make their own song (and let me say some of them are really beautiful), but when they come across LYRICS They get their ass get Off.
Here I'm going to share some knowledge "To write Lyrics".
What you need?
Don't get fucked with Rhythm/Rhymes.
Change Word Order.
Strong  Vocab. well personally i suggest you to strong your synonyms and antonyms.
Write Down Your Ideas. (Here you've to fcuk Rhymes as said earlier). Just write it down.
As Said by famous Musician: 
He said that he always think two moves ahead, so he never get stuck. He would find a riff he liked, and becasue he had already thought previously what he wanted to do next, he could keep going through the song. A rather impressive strategy I'd say.
Provide Structure to your plan before release song;
That's called Song Structure. like;
Repeated Short Riff (x3) with alternate ending- Main Riff
Repeat riff 2-3 times with two-chord pregression into verse
Palm-Mute, Slide
Use one section of "Main Riff" as an interval for vocals
Maybe repeat for a second verse
(Dummy part)
Suggest Song Names
In this section, you simply take your chosen theme, and write a bunch of name suggestions down. Use the whole page to figure out a goo name, and once you have one, write it into Section one for reference.
Note: Many prefer to come up with Names later on in the process. Don't be afraid to skip this section until you need it.
Lyrical Notes
In this section, it's time to get ideas for lyrics. What I like to do here, is write down small phrases which sound good to the theme. Eventually, you get a whole page of different quotes which could be used and experimented with. Begin with clusters of phrases, then as you go thorugh pages, slowly cluster together some ideas for chorus and verse lines.
After that, Look at your lyrical pieces. This is the tricky part, getting lyrics over your music. You can merely sing bits over the song, and see what it's like, or get the whole intrumental done, and continue with lyrics afterwards. Its entirely up to you.
Hope it'll help you to make out your Lyrics. I would like to say thanks to our Contributor for this and "Illusion Figment" Band.
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