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Green Day begin work on new songs
Grammy Award winner Greenday 's front man Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed to his fans on twitter that they are hard at work on new composition.
RUMOURE: Billie's also making help to produce new album for his Son.

COLDPLAY to release new song on friday
Coldplay are putting out a new song titled "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" on friday. The track will stream on the band's official site and be available for purchase as a digital single.

Guns 'N Roses guitarist meet an accident.

Queensryche 's new song is available now online and free for download.
Song name is "Around the world"

Linkin Park has premiered it's new song for Transformer-3 {Dark of the moon};
Song Name is "Iridescent". The video has been released. 

Guitar World Megazine is coming with Mobile Version now!

Signature's new guitar is coming with MEGADETH's Chris Broderick. Go get it!!

Award winning Raghu Dixit is busy with his gig in Europe.

Pearl Jam is coming with its Documentary Film
Documentary: "Pearl Jam 20"
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