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Thrash pioneers Metallica are slated to play in India in October this year, bassist Robert Trujillo has said in an interview with the Inland Empire Weekly magazine.
Trujillo, who joined the band after Jason Newsted and original bassist, the late Cliff Burton, said Metallica has plans to play across Europe this summer, including appearances in Italy, Germany, Sweden, England and France in July, then Brazil in September.
This is consistent with rumours that the band has been signed up to perform at F1 Rocks alongside the inaugural Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix. Also, we are going to play India in October," Trujillo said. "That should be interesting, playing a place we never thought in our wildest dreams we'd (go) to play. It's an honor for all of us that we get to be a part of that whole music scene as a metal band sharing our music with fans in India at this incredible concert!"
AT- OCTOBER 28 - OCTOBER 30, 2011
Alternative giants Pearl Jam have agreed to open for Metallica when they play Delhi, India in early 2011. Confirming that Metallica have decided it’s time for them to conquer India, Pearl Jam have also stated Alice In Chains were approached first to tour with the thrash legends but had to decline the offer because of other commitments. Metallica are yet to state if there is a chance of them performing in other cities in India, but Delhi is already on the list. Mumbai is not likely to be part of the plan because of the heavy entertainment tax that will have to be shelled out. Metallica have also hinted that most of the set will comprise of early material, and that there is also a possibility of getting another international act to join the tour. Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax.
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  1. That was April Fool joke by me, you idiot. Now get that Pearl Jam-Metallica thing off your site before I take a screengrab of this and file a suit for plagiarism.

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