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Mujhe de de har gham tera - HAUNTED

SONG - Mujhe de de har gham tera (HAUNTED)
Album: Haunted (3D)
Artist - Sarith Basrur



[Am]  [C]
Tu hi..
Haan woh ghair hai, 
[F] [E]
jo ke apna laga

[Am]  [C]
Teri khair main, 
[F]             [E]
ab toh apni jaga…


[Am]   [C]    [F]     [E]  x4
Main toh karoon rab se dua..
Mujhe de de har gham tera..
Meri khushiyon ka vaasta..
Mujhe de de har gham tera.

[Am] [C]
Teri in haathon ki lakeerein
[G]       [F]
Tum mila mere in haathon ki lakeeron se haan..
Milti hai sabhi
[Am] [C]
Kaise naa milti tu ab mujhe..
[G]       [F]
Jo lika meri Kismat mein, naseebon mein haan
Tu toh hai wahi..

[For Verse 2/ Chorus: SAME AS ABOVE]

For Intro strum verse-chordS gently.

Mujhe de de har gham tera - HAUNTED Mujhe de de har gham tera - HAUNTED Reviewed by Rahul Dhatwalia on 4:47 PM Rating: 5


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    Thanks again!

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  2. And since you asked for some suggestions:

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  3. Thanks Man!
    you're right man i should change this URL.

  4. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    Good work !! Keep it up !! You could also give the strumming pattern which would be better for beginners !! But still it is nice !!

  5. Sure man! Next time i'll.

  6. Awesome man !!! I have found the tabs of many songs which I had found nowhere else !! You are doing a great job and keep it up !!

  7. Thanks deep for your always glued with us and please do not forget to join us on facebook. Thank you again!;)


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