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You're so Beautiful - Haunted

SONG - You're so Beautiful(Haunted)
ARTIST: Nikhil D'souja
ALBUM:Haunted 3D

Alien Chord using here:-
    A* = 043420


        D D ..break.. U D U D U D U D

A    D    Bm    E    A [STOP!]

Thehri si[A], yeh dhadkan meri[D]
Dekha tumhe[Bm] toh,[E] chalne lagi
Saanson ko[A], mil gaya junoon[D]
Ab duniya meri[Bm], [E]badalne lagi

[E]  [A]  [E]  [A]
Ho suno, suno you're beautiful
[A]    [A*]   [E]    [A]
Suno, suno you're beautiful

Ho ke bhi na ho yakeen..... [F#m] ........[F] ..... [E]
You're so beautiful

Khayalon mein[A], bas gaya haan tu[D]
Phir pehron dil[Bm] ne, [E]socha tujhe
Laga yun[A], aur jee loon main[D]
Jab aankhon maine[Bm], [E]dekha tujhe

[E]  [A]  [E]  [A]
Suno, suno you're beautiful
[A]    [A*]   [E]    [A]
Suno, suno you're beautiful

Kho na jaana tum kahin..... [F#m] ........[F] ..... [E]
You're so beautiful..... [Strumm continuously A and Asus2]

[A]  [E]   [F#m]   [E]   [A]
Din dhal jaane dena, raat dhal jaane de
Yeh manzil nikal jaane de
[A]  [E]   [F#m]   [E]   [A]
Ho tujhse judaa yeh mera raasta
Tu aisa na kar aane de
[D]  [Dm]   [A]
Jeena mushkil ho jaata hai
[D]  [Dm]   [A]
Milke koi jab kho jaata hai....[E] [F#m] [A]

A* is unknown for me, not in fret but in theories.
i don't know it's name but it was used by brayn adam's song.
So don't neglect this chord cuz it give important variation to this song.
This song is much similar to Green Day 's "Gimme Novacaine".
Ending Part has'en taken from "High School" Musical.
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